Welcome to our cattery.  To tell you a little about ourselves, we grew up with cats and kittens about the home – both pedigree and moggies.  We bred Siamese and, occasionally, Persian kittens.  This led to my mother establishing a small boarding facility as new owners often asked if she would mind the kittens at holiday times.   



I had always enjoyed helping run the cattery during my holidays from work.  It was a natural progression to take over the running of the cattery after leaving my office job.  From those small beginnings I expanded and upgraded the facilities to the current  30 purpose built UPVC houses from Pedigree Pens in the U.K. – the first in Ireland.  My sister followed my lead after retirement and we share the cattery duties together.  We do not have staff as we prefer the personal relationship with our guests and find this helps to settle even the most timid cat.



We are located in South County Dublin, on the banks of the Dodder River.  We are close to Rathfarnham Shopping Centre, Templeogue Bridge, the N11 and only minutes from the M50 (take exit 11 towards the city centre).  For security reasons we do not disclose our address on this site but will forward you a map along with our Boarding Agreement if you decide to make a booking with us.










We are particularly lucky to have the River Dodder flowing at the end of the garden behind a high security fence and thus have myriad wildlife: herons, foxes, badgers and, occasionally, a kingfisher in flight can be seen.


My sister and I are the only two people to have close contact with your cat(s) during their stay.  We feed them at 9 o'clock and 5 o'clock, thus providing the routine they prefer.  We cater for all diets and will give extra feeds to kittens as required.  We are out and about in the cattery most of the day, either cleaning occupied units or preparing and dressing units for cats coming in.



We recommend, welcome and encourage inspection of our cattery.  You should always check out a cattery before making a booking.



Mary Dobbs

Dobbs Cattery / January 2018